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Hii, My name is JP and I am the founder of VPN-reviews.com. I am a programmar and a tech savvy person. For many years now I love technology that's made everything possible. I have been using differents VPNs for a couple of years now.

I used the popular VPNs such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN but also the less popular VPN. The usage of a VPN is for me a MUST. With a VPN is feel much saver on the internet and from my curious ISP. VPNs are just a small piece of my instruments on the internet. I tried software including ClickFunnel, Wordpress, hosting and even trading bots. I give you guys a HONOST review about the software that I use and how to use it.

You can check out my youtube channel for all my reviews or programming video's. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

If you have any question or wants help for programming feel free to send me a email

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